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Ip Address

masterwebhostingblogSep 12, 2019, 12:03:15 PM

When computing devices such as laptops, smartphones, computers a unique identification is used that is the IP address number. IP address could either be public or private. Basically, home routers have private IP address which is commonly the same address for other models from that manufacturer. Devices with private IP address can only be seen by devices on the local network therefore your ISP assigns you a public IP address that other devices on the internet can see. This means that it is possible for your computer to have both public and private IP addresses at the same time for the internet and local area network respectively. Check out the best company the will provides leasing ip addresses.

These IP addresses are further divided into two main types that is static IP address that never changes once they are assigned to a device on a network and dynamic IP address which changes every time the device logs into the network. Static IP address is usually cost effective but unfortunately it is subjected to high security risk. Due to these high security risks, static IP address is commonly used by web email and gaming servers because they do not need much to do with hiding the locations. Dynamic IP address is a stronger type of IP address that is used by companies and business firms since it is very tough to trace. This is because dynamic IP address changes every time the device logs into the network. view more on http://www.heficed.com/.

There is another type of IP address that is reserved for network testing and troubleshooting. This IP address cannot be assigned to an interface. This is referred to a special IP address. Special IP address is further divided into several classes depending on the purpose the IP address is used for. Internet protocols has two versions. IP v4 is the most commonly used version of internet protocol. IP addresses of v4 are written in the form of a string which consists of four numbers with a three- digit section lying between the range of 0-255. A router has more than one IP address because it connects two or more networks. IPv6 are written using 128 binary bits to create a single address.

Static address usually is used by people who use commercial lease lines or the public organizations who need the same IP address all the time. Static address is also easy to maintain, speedy and reliable and has less time only that it is expensive and needs to be configured manually among other security threats.

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