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Hmmm... Do I say too much or keep it short? Do I lecture or keep it real? 馃 I have real boobs and I鈥檓 weird.

This channel will give you depression.

Lightbringer and Indigo, here to help all around me raise their frequency and evolve our consciousness. On my journey i wish to share what i learn and experience, loving and loyal to all living things

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Free expression and speech must be protected, as well as the values of western secular democracy. I don't do Nazism or any kind of racial hate groups. My agenda is to protect our values against the ever increasing Islamification of our nations and degradation of basic reality such as biological sex. I have nothing against people who are 'transgender' they don't harm me personally and can live how they want. However I strongly reject the normalisation of this and imposition that we must accept their delusions as reality. I am happy to treat such people with respect but NOT when it is compulsory. I am not gay but I have nothing against gays either. I reject pretty much everything that could be considered 'social justice' and despise political correctness or forced diversity with a passion. I am a cultural supremacist in that I believe western democracies are far superior to cultures such as those Islam creates, and I believe immigration policies should reflect this. If you are a mindless racist who simply hates people because they are a Jew, black or Asian, we probably won't get along. If you dislike certain cultures for having regressive toxic beliefs, I am fine with that. https://www.bitchute.com/accounts/referral/mattrosity/ https://voiceanything.com/MaTtRoSiTy https://gab.ai/MaTtRoSiTy

Jan 2021
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