Freedom isn't free.

I'll be your tour guide for this evening

What You Don't Know Does Hurt You

Doing my best to disseminate info to bring living memories and women out of their forced slumber to bring about a world that benefits us, not the powerful. Twitter: @nonsense_planet Gab: Pocketnet:

In the beginning of beginnings...

I think, therefore I am!

classic American crank

I stand for freedom for all people, equality and health. We must protect our Sacred Earth and sustain life for the next generation. I love nature, animals and sustainable living. Anarchist at heart. We will be free once again!

Capitalist. Freedom Fighter. Trump is my President. Telegram Chanel:

Easy going guy, unless you get on my bad side! If it wasn't for stupid people, there wouldn't be any smart people... rebuilding the empire I had on Twitter somewhere that free speech is allowed... Always excepting donations at

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Jan 2021
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