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What measures should the school take if the student is caught bunking the class

markcarltonFeb 6, 2019, 3:36:46 PM

The students bunk many classes as they are involved in the other activities that fascinated them and distracts them from the studies

Bunking has been one of the concerns for the schools and the colleges and the universities as well. This is one the act that has a bad impression on the reputation of the student, the course teacher and the overall the school as a whole. The reason students decide to bunk the classes are the other forms of activities that the students get involved in the school or the colleges and the universities as well. Bunking makes the education and the academic performances effected and the results of the students start to decrease as the attention and the diversion is being created by the other external factors in the lives of the students who are involved in other acts.

When the education starts to get tricky and the workload on the students are getting the most out of them like the lectures and the assignment writing services and the work to do, the mind and the thinking of the students are burdened and they find other means to ditch the classes and the studies. In the early school, this is the action that is being seen and most of the students do it. The reasons are many like the students are involved in other harmful activities like the smoking and the drugs, or the sports activities they like to play when the classes are going on.

Bunking is one of the bad and the awful habit that has to be stopped at the early stage in the school and the colleges otherwise the habit gets more and then is practiced in the higher education levels as well. For stopping this activity and the damage to the student educational and the academic career the school has to implement certain rules and the regulations are have to be taken by the school in order to practice law and order for the school and make an example for the others to follow and see.

First of all, as we are living in the era of technology and the developments, the use of the smart wireless cameras should be installed all around the premises of the school and the control room has to be set up for the person in charge to be watching all the time. This is one of the effective measures that the school cab was taken. If someone in the camera is seen doing the suspicious thing or trying to get out of the premises of the school then the in charge would have the voice over control to the security and the sports master to tackle the situation immediately.

If the students are caught there have to be certain punishments that have to be given so that the examples and the fear among the other can be set. Suspending the students for 2 weeks or so can be implemented and informing their parents for the harsh activity that their child has committed.

Other than this there can be the insult that can be given to the student in front of the class so that they can feel the shame and the loss in respect and gives them the lesson. Bunking has been one of the reasons that the students are not getting the required achievements and the results are getting low and this is the reason the students have difficulties in the learning and the understanding of the lectures because they have missed the previous ones and the new one are interlinked and this makes them learn nothing. The assignment writing service and the tasks that are being given by the teachers also make them hard to deal with.

A strict measure has to be taken from the school officials as they found anyone bunking the class. Even if the students are caught in the school roaming around during the class there has to be a certain measure to be taken and the teacher has to be informed about that. Punishment and the fine for that conduct have to be applied from the school if they have found anyone bunking the school college and the classes too.

To prevent the act of bunking the classes the studies have to be made a little easier and in a fun way so that the students can enjoy and have fun in the class altogether with the teacher and learn at the same time. There are different techniques to be taken strict and adequate measure in the situation and the level of crime the students are doing and this can be reduced with the good and timely measures.

“The article is written by Mark Carlton who is a vice principal in the college”