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Uses Of a Volumetric Flask

mariannenavarro519Nov 29, 2019, 2:19:50 PM

The laboratory is made up of various equipment which are used for different roles. The common lab equipment includes the test tube, volumetric flask, pipette, the clip stand among others. if you are looking for a piece of equipment to accurately measure a solution, go for the volumetric flask.

The volumetric flask is s transparent equipment that is either made up of plastic or glass. This equipment has a conical shape. Depending on the type of solution you are measuring or preparing; one should choose between glass and plastic volumetric flasks. Glass volumetric flasks are the best because they are manufactured in such a way that they can hold corrosive chemicals at ease. The flask has a mark near the neck that is used to indicate fixed volume. This equipment is ideal for use in chemical and biochemical labs.

The volumetric flask is easy to distinguish when among other laboratory equipment due to its outstanding features. the flask is large and has a lid to close when not in use. both the flask and the lid are made of glass. this lid is designed in such a way that it will perfectly fit into the flask has a neck with a calibrated mark to help one measure accurately.

The volumetric flask is mainly used to make mixtures of liquid or make solutions. here are steps on how to use. first, add a weighted amount of solute or solid you want to dissolve. If you are mixing liquids, add an accurate amount of the liquid you need to the flask using a pipette. After this, add the solvent up to a level below the mark. From this point, close the flask using the lid and tilt before shaking vigorously. Be very careful that no liquid lead out of the glass lid. Once you have mixed the solution appropriately, place the flask over a flat table and confirm that the meniscus has touched the mark. Make sure you have a concave meniscus.

Volumetric flasks are offered on sale at various outlets. One in need of buying a 10 ml volumetric flask should only get one from a reputable outlet. Reputable outlets will always offer you the best quality. When going to buy a volumetric flask remember they occur in different volumes; 1000 ml, 500 ml, 250 ml, and 100 ml. Buy a flask that will effectively match your needs. do not make a mistake as most stores do not have clear return policies.

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