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Technophile, Information junkie, nihilist.

We are the Chilean Libertarian Party (LP).馃挍馃枻 Follow our partner @endless_DOGE since he helped us to make this account!馃憣馃徎 Accounts related to the party: YouTube accounts: Twitter accounts: Facebook account: -BitChute channel and SteemIt blog coming soon!馃敍 Follow this BitChute channel (Of a member):

Sharing Information Fighting for Freedom Defending the Constitution Exposing Corruption Crowdsourcing the Truth

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Infectious Disease Epidemiologist - retired. now enjoying photography

I am just an individual interested in Jewelry, the luxury industry and news related to specific brands.馃拵馃憣馃徎

Anarchy and Chaos are my only loves... just kidding! I'm just a satirical joker with a sadistic drive to end the Earth with laughter and take all of you down with me.

AutonomousFamily is a channel dedicated to sharing the content of our adventures around north america. This family of three will show just what it takes to remodel an RV, roadschool/homeschool, explore the states for places to be free and enjoy every second of it.

Sep 2019
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