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Anyone exchange: the path to enhance blockchain casino adoption

MakdonJul 20, 2019, 11:40:24 AM

Only a couple of individuals would have envisaged a few years past that these days, people and businesses would finally separate from a centralised systems. It's impact on numerous aspects of human existence over the years are really alarming, to mention the smallest amount . Our finance business for one has suffered greatly because of the centralised nature manipulated currencies . At establishment level, centralisation leaves us vulnerable to immorality, as it has been tested multiple times.Many organisations have suffered a dip in reputation and revenue, because of centralised server hacks, which ultimately ends up in loss of sensitive information. The blockchain technology was discovered in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto and ever since then, it's been recording notable progress. It's decentralized feature has caused an abrupt server, poor security, immorality, and alternative problems related to centralised networks.

Remarkable achievements are recorded overtime, as the technology tends towards perfection. it's currently the best time for businesses to embrace blockchain technology fully with visibility of it's various advantages and futurist prospects. this is precisely what ANYONE out to ensure it becomes a success.


Individuals and companies trying to take a good position in a business with an intention of achieving a good yield would notice the Anyone investment idea is the best choice. By buying some Anyone coins, you will be able to earn payment on a daily bases (30 to 60%).

As the casino business continues to achieve widespread acceptance, its moral baggage seems to possess good team and good innovations. The Anyone platform intend to build a friendly user platform where there won't be any forms of manipulations.

The casino business are going to be supported on advanced servers to forestall some planned disruption of service. ANYONE deployed the use of Mobile App, APK, PC, website and a bonus games which are always played within two hours.

One of the strengths of the Anyone platform is their thoughtfulness. the continual business model, ideas, trust built, dedicated team of casino enthusiasts and a transparent gaming platform without limit.

ANYONE token utilizes POW protocol for price stability and also Chips which is a stable coin. So with ANYONE there won't be room for price dumping unlike dome projects that dumps tokens on investors.

Its no longer a story that anyone got the expected love for investor and project owners as high fee during project listing are now a story and investors can invest without experiencing token dump.

Another good news of ANYONE I got to know lately is the offline buying of ANY using your fiat via black market this factor makes Anyone unlimited. Kudos to team for being such wise. What else do you want from a casino platform that isn't in anyone? Let's get it going! 


A search for a viable ways to actualize a good blockchain adoption at institutional and industrial level is one that dates back to the origination of this technology.The emergence of ANYONE blockchain puts an end to this menace as it is built on smart contract to enhance smooth transaction and a trust based platform for every investors to key in to.

To know more about ANYONE kindly click on the link below

Website: https://wallet.any-one.games

CASINO: http://any-one.games

Dividend: dividend.any-one.games

Web wallet: https://wallet.any-one.games

bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5111683.0

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Discord: https://discord.gg/YhaDDGh

Telegram Group: https://t.me/AnyoneLTD

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Kakaotalk community: https://open.kakao.com/o/g95DJUib

Twitter: https://twitter.com/anyoneLTD



Windows 32bit: https://github.com/anyonecore/AnyoneBinary/releases/download/

Winodws 64bit: https://github.com/anyonecore/AnyoneBinary/releases/download/

ANDROID: https://github.com/anyonecore/AnyoneBinary/releases/download/

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