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Chad alpha-male wojack sigma chungus. Level 14 Necrohampster. #comedy mostly. Usually not safe for woke because comedy goes there. communists will be mocked mercilessly.
Me, Perth. That's all.
Hey, my name is Thom and I love playing retro/variety games over on twitch as well as dungeons and dragons. The big plan is to meet a lot of great people online. Want to follow me on this journey towards my inevitable corruption by money, fame and women of easy virtue? Then all you have to do is follow me right here on Minds
Free thinker. Pro tinkler. I was on minds before it was cool to be banned and resort to minds. I'm a gamer I'm a memer Admin on Fireside Reviews Occasional article writter Constant trash posting
Retired sleep paralysis demon
I miss gaming in 2006
Come join the Ventorian Empire! We have cookies! Small time stream with big time dreams ~ Planning on making this a profitable endeavor, eventually turning it into a full blown company. What should you expect if you join? ATM: Planet Zoo, Phasmophobia, Pokemon Unite, and much more! ---
Texas, United States
May 2022
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