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Софья Багдасарова

Welcome to the J-Vlog. I'm J-P and this is my continuing vlog starting in Bancroft Ontario Canada and documenting up to and through our big move to Japan. Here people from both sides of the Pacific can see what life is / was like. Caution: because this is a vlog, there will be rants and at times some harsh language and some opinions that others may or may not agree with. Don't forget to subscribe to get updates, like and leave a comment =) Cheers, I hope you enjoy it.

Buddhist Libertarian Skeptic Здесь немного про меня и побольше про то, как работает Minds:

There is a first time for everything.

Троицк-Москва-СПб-Sillamäe. писатель - сценарист - кинокритик - винный_критик - ресторанный_критик - повар_кондитер - пищевой_технолог - преподаватель_поварского_мастерства - ... ну и в будущем - toitumisnõustaja. Пишу про еду. И про жизнь в маленьком городке у самого моря.

Would love to concentrate on minimalist photography, but it’s so dam hard. Will throw in a few photographs now and again and see how we go.

Jan 2021
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