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Winter Solstice

MaddjakallssJan 3, 2022, 4:45:59 PM

We decided to give some energy back to the universe. In gratitude of our safe arrival to our new dream life of adventure and prosperity.

In service to the act of giving we decided to celebrate winter solstice by hosting a pizza party! We have only been back in Portugal for a few weeks, and we have very few friends yet, but the friends we do have are helping us tremendously. We felt the urge to mirror the energy in thanks.  So when one of our friends offered us the use of an outdoor pizza oven, we jumped at the chance. Hell yeah!

We created an invite for our friends, who sent it to their friends. Four of us prepared lots of dough and two topping sauces; bianca & rosso. The next day we fired up the oven in the solstice rain, and made 12 individual pizzas, for 7 friends. We were able to give thanks to those who had already helped us achieve the recent steps of progress towards living on our new land. To offer friendship to new friends.

The rain may have continued into the longest night and dampened everything around us, but it did not dampen our spirits. The pizza party (and the pizzas) was a hit and we all went home with full bellies and hearts.

We gave invite, food and company. We received joy, wholeness and inter-relation. The whole event created a new micro community. We made friends for life and created meaningful memories.

The perfect microcosm experience indicative of our larger macrocosm journey.