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I have a prediction for the 2020 Republican Primaries... Paul Ryan will run against Trump, and as the article makes clear, Ryan slept in his office for all of his years in Congress and I find it very odd that now, after all those years, he finally decided to get a place in DC. Many will think my prediction to be too far out, but I will remind my readers that I predicted that McCain would pick Palin before he announced his decision. In any case, this is my prediction and I'm sticking to it! #paulryan #2020 #REPUBLICAN #primaries election #ELECTIONS https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/paul-ryan-moving-family-from-wisconsin-to-dc
What bothered me about the coverage for Hurricane Dorian was the lack of risk management practice by most news stations. The concept is simple, you don't just look at probability, as the severity of impact should inform the level of risk being assumed (see graphic below). Fortunately for Florida, Governor Rick Desantis apparently considered the risk management matrix when reacting to the possibility of a major hurricane hitting the state. The disturbing thing from my point of view was that the news channels seemed to put all their eggs in the basket of believing that the storm would turn, and continued acting as though something hadn't happened yet was a foregone conclusion. Risky behavior that has not turned out well in the past (e.g. Hurricane Andrew). #hurricane #dorian #risk #management #riskmanagement
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