Lo Ping
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Peabody winner, official GBLT figurehead, and Marxist 🏳️‍⚧️ TikToker. Polydronsexual. Pronouns: He/Hee. Key Grip for #CumCop

rooftop half-asian bot ⋇ radical decentralist ⋇ ☦️ ⋇ private property of @shainescalph ⋇

They misled you when they bred you. Allow me to assure you, I am NSFW. RT≠Endorsement/Approval.

Founder of Conquest Comics. Creator of Xenotype and Wonder Island. I sell comic books and make people rich.

@kepodraws is not my owner, I own him he's just delusional, but he is my future husband<3 RPGfan, nerd and weeb that hates other weebs.

John Blockchain
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------------------------------------------------------------ "Who the fuck you know go harder?" ------------------------------------------------------------ A man with a camera, mostly drunk. I pretend to be a photographer and I even sell prints here: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/john-railowsky.html https://onlyfans.com/johnblockchain I am basically a discount Tim Dillon, a cheap knockoff manufactured in Eastern Europe but I own a camera and I am older than he is. After my career as a social media influencer failed for some reason I decided to become a life coach and an inspirational activist or whatever the fuck is this thing called. This is why my posts are so full of inspirational life lessons that are meant to pretend like I'm helping you achieve success despite the fact that I am a living train wreck. After my failed career as a life coach I am thinking about pivoting to a cult leader, subscribe for updates! After my failed career as a cult leader I decided to rebrand myself into a political pundit with a dying Patreon account and plenty of hot takes on everything. My career as a political pundit never took off so I am rebranding myself as a Socialite, I have no idea what this occupation means but I want to become the next Ghislaine Maxwell. I was never meant to become a socialite due to the fact that I look like a war criminal from the Balkans so I am rebranding myself to a screeching blue checkmark, I hear it's a booming business. After my brief hiatus and shutting down this account I am reemerging as a climate activist, it that goes south I will pivot to generic activist for whatever is popular. I need money. After the events of early October of 2019 I've lost control of my job title descriptions so the bio sections gets a time out. -------------------------------------------- Gary Vaynerchuk does NOT follow me on Instagram. However Valentine Thomas started following me on Instagram recently and I have no idea why. I am serious now, this actually happened. ------------------------------------------- These are jokes people. It's called comedy.

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Chris, Former Games Media Writer & Founder of GamesNosh (Site Retired) - Got a real job & can now speak freely. 30 Y/O Boomer of the United Kingdom. Not Just Games.

Mister Behavior
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Anti-Oki Podcast Host. Game Design. Streaming. YouTube. Music. Twitch.Tv/Mrbehavior / YouTube.Com/LocsTakes

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Gamer, Free Speech Advocate, Sonic Fan

#GamerGate supporter Accounts: https://linktr.ee/AntisocialJustice Pronouns. Semibisexual. Don’t hurt me, I have a buff daughter. I identify as a リア充 and a 上級国民. Fortifying your mom.

I'm stuck in the internet and can't get out, so I might as well make the best of it.

Ricky Berwick
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Your not so normal video entertainer.

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Jan 2021
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