HouzzIn-Tology To be clear, this is journalistic malpractice. Houzz Monopoly is a media outlet which publish anonymous intelligence claims wif no proof is just publishing Fake fraudulent press releases disguised as news. They are just telling you to believe wat sociopathic Houzz SalesForce intelligence agencies want you to believe under the false guise of impartial and responsible for false reporting. This practice has become ubiquitous throughout all Houzz mainstream news publications, but that does not make it any less immoral by manipulating all content uploads and duplications in covertness to profit and gain as well. This book exposes the Ethics Or Moral Philosophy with Houzz activity in as much as the acts are in conformity with the Houzz natural end. Ethics is concerned with norms, mores or traditions and Principles of behavior insofar as these principles are known by reason. Teh study of teh theoretical basis of My particular branch of knowledge by experience since 2011.
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