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I'm a computer engineer who like to play minecraft, code, watch anime and vlog about various topics Rules: 1) Do not argue or debate the OP. 2) No politics even though i glance over the topic from time to time. I am strongly Apolitical, i'm sick of the shit, you see it everywhere. 3) If you comment, keep comments on topic with post. 4) Down votes are fine if you genuinely do not like or do not agree with something, not for being a little shithead, attack the content not the person 5) Don't be stupid. Ignorance is ok, we all are to some degree. Just don't be stupid or lazyminded 6). No Right Wingers or Trump Supporters *) Even though this is a free speech platform i still have the right to decide who interacts with my channel and what i post at my own discretion provided i don't violate TOS or EULA Donate Bitcoin: 1NJeYyEWgBjJDRKWd2ocMfghbY7RqDPodz Paypal Donation: My same rules that apply to my twitch channel apply here too
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The 饾棓饾椏饾榿 of Sabina Nore Artist website: 馃拰 Sign up for Sabina's newsletter:

Genome Studios is an infant entertainment media production company specializing in Interactive Web development, animation, comics and game development. Our flagship project is currently the "Some Peoples Kids" series freely accessible at: We're also developing an arena combat board game, freely playable here: Come follow us as we develop and grow as a company and provide incredibly unique experiences and entertainment! Want to be more involved? Give your support? Check out our Patreon for Get Rich: All purchases, contributions and patronage will be invested into making ALL Genome Studios projects free for all and without ads.

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馃叿馃叴馃吇馃叴馃吔馃叞 馃敼馃嚝馃嚪 - 馃嚭馃嚫 - 馃嚜馃嚫 - 馃嚙馃嚪 馃敼Content creator 馃敼Brand Ambassador 馃敼Story teller 馃毄 Currently living in South of France 馃叾馃唩馃吘馃唲馃吙馃唫 THE TOURIST GUIDE Show us the photographies, videos of places you have travelled to. You can also comment on history and culture... You don't travel?! No problem. Show us the places worth visiting in your area --- THE COFFEE TALKS The Coffee Talks group is a casual place where you can talk and share points of views about all kinds of topics. Feel free to launch a conversation --- BE ORIGINAL. Original content means created by you which makes you an original content creator. --- THE PLAYLIST Discover and share #music --- URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY #Urban, #streetart, street photographies Only original content --- BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY Black and White photography Only original content --- PHONEOGRAPHY Mobile telephone photography Only Original Content --- MACRO SHOTS Macro photographies | Only original content --- VINTAGE AND RETRO Vintage and retro things | Show us your finds | Only original Content --- FLOWERS | FLEURS | FLORES #Flower photographies | Only original content

I do a ton of Let's Play videos and Tips and Tricks so come back for some mediocre videos.

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Sharing news stories that get my attention and what I think of them.

Deep emotional atmospheres woven in psychedelic soundscapes offer a post-rock experience you won鈥檛 soon forget. Recipe for Q.Tune Ecstasy: 1. Begin with Cedar Branches鈥 grass-roots electronica music (lush, rhythmic synths, extravagant beats, complex synth bass undertones and deep lyrical themes). 鈥 2. Add Marc Turkel鈥檚 dreamy rhythms and deeply stirring guitar leads, delivered with a finesse that is guaranteed to move you. 3. Insert a heavy dose of talented guest musicians taking part in the collaborative creation of magic. 鈥 4. Mix, chill, and serve. A feast of sound that will leave you filled鈥 AND wanting more.

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