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Its me gang no worries! I can't find my key to transfer tokens. Thus I need to start again from stage one. Wish me luck!鉁岎煒庘湆 #LiveWithLove #PeaceBeWithYou @MissKitty22 @Jeffwilliams16 #SmileBecauseYouCan

Best Selling Author. Lover of hedgehogs & Freedom.

On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

Logoi Library, is a free library with over 1000 downloadable PDF books available, as well as an art gallery, and list of other recommend sources from cinema, websites, and various people. Also included are my original writings and photographs.

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Feline - Meow. When not at second life, I post things that normally bring a smile to my face. (art, cartoons, recipes, memes, pictures taken 'inworld' from SL.) I also play ESO = Elder Scrolls Online. I have written a few blog posts on second life topics. Hopefully the blog posts can help get someone started; or give a general idea of what they are about to leap into. In my own pixelated SL universe: I enjoy landscaping & decorating to create nice photo backdrops.. I make the occasional piece of furniture. I have one of the largest SL adult libraries available. I spent four years of collecting notecard books; and putting books to notecard. (Then building/creating to contain said cards.) Nothing on card where copyrights are in question. I only want to further a bit of intelligence via reading & this is my small part to help in that. I also like messing about with a Teegle-pet horse. You know those horses have a mind of their own. And the horses do get into trouble if you aren't right there to watch and enjoy them. When wandering the long roads in ESO: Loot it. Loot it all! Khajiit was framed! I have any number of quest bosses I would love to have help killing.. Just ask if you want to go kill a quest boss. And if you want a werewolf bite, I'm that kitty! Other than that, fishing. I like fishing.. What khajiit wouldn't like fishing? Questing. Cadwell was right when he said it was even the sound of the word when it leaves the mouth.. Quest.. Questing..

Just Another Developer in The World

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News, analysis and opinions from the perspective of Classical Liberals, Libertarians, small c Conservatives and big C Conservatives. Conservative is the new punk. Welcome to the counterculture. Online from 5:30 AM to 4:30 PM (PST) Monday to Friday I post satire between 4:00 PM and 4:30 PM (PST) The opinions expressed in the videos, news articles and commentary do not necessarily reflect those of K23 NEWS [email protected]

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Darkness to Light
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Darkness to Light

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I 鉂 Science, logic, freedom and art... (Superhero by night) #censorship #all #quotes #freespeech #minds

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Welcome to my Channel here on MINDS! Please take a look at my Posts and be Sure to REMIND any post that you Like as Others may Like it also! Please subscribe to me Here on MINDS .. Subject matter: Alternative Energy Sources, Military Veterans, ChemTrails, UFO's, Vaccines, 322 Skull and Bones, OBE's, NDE's, Ghosts, Fluoride, conspiracies, JFK Assassination, Bigfoot, Art Bell, News Events, Strange Things, Historic Tours and much much MORE! #chemtrails #chemtrailsmn #geoengineering #conspiracy #JFK #UFO #ETB #fluoride #ArtBell #news #topchannel #tesla #nikolatesla #freeeenergy #news #politics #maga #kek #pepe #meme #memes #minds #mindspro #all

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