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Advantages That Comes along When Using Seaweed Fertilizers in Your Garden

lawnsolutionsSep 17, 2019, 6:04:48 PM

Seaweeds are rich in minerals which falls under both micro and macronutrients. Seaweeds are used to make organic foliar feed which is also known as organic fertilizer which is meant to be sprayed on the leaves of the plants. Seaweed fertilizers are compatible with both small scale and large scale farming of crops. Several benefits are realized when seaweeds fertilizers are used in plants. Here are the advantages that come along with the use of seaweed fertilizer in your garden.

One of the best ways to grow your plants organically is by use of seaweed fertilizer. The use of seaweed fertilizer is an alternative to chemical farming which seems to be bringing more harm to human beings. According to research which has been done, excess usage of chemical fertilizer finishes the fertility of the soil and that is why we are encouraging people to use seaweeds fertilizers which is an organic fertilizer. Some chemical foliar fertilizers are also harmful to some insects which are essential in aiding cross-pollination in plants, the use of seaweed foliar fertilizers does not harm any insect that is needed to help in pollination.

An analysis of both the seaweed fertilizer and the chemical one will reveal that the seaweed foliar fertilizer has more nutrients in it than the chemical one prepared. Some seaweeds fertilizers also possess an organic pesticide which ensures your plants are free from any harmful insects that destroy the plants unlike the chemical fertilizer which doesn’t have such an element. While manure requires decomposing for the benefits to be realized, seaweed fertilizer does not need to decompose for it to be effective.

By spraying the seaweed foliar fertilizer in the leaves of your plants, you are enhancing the food formulation process of plants which takes place via the leaves unlike when administering traditional chemical fertilizer. Seaweed fertilizer does not have any side effect on your plants when the sprayed during inadequate rainfalls while other forms of fertilizers could have a negative effect during that season.

With the use of seaweed fertilizer, you can vary the concentration depending on your needs unlike in the other types of fertilizers. A small quantity of seaweed fertilizer is likely to result in a big change in your plants which is not achievable with other types of fertilizers. The use of seaweed fertilizer as a foliar feed is essential in promoting budding in plants as well as stabilizing the plants' health after some harsh weather, this happens at a faster rate when using this product. For more information, click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fertilizer.