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Lonely pine cone on the beach - Blog

Maurisa Griffin 💄Feb 24, 2022, 5:37:17 PM

(My original photo)


I don't know what this lonely pine cone means to you, but I see the expression of hope in me. 

When I was young, when I was green, everyone was by my side and we were all having fun in the woods. But now I found myself on a beach with no trees within few kilometers. How did I get here? Did a person pluck me from my branch and bring me here ? Was there a fire in my forest? Or was it a flood? Believe me, I don't remember.

 I know the seeds inside me won't help a sprout here because I'm standing on the sand. Still, I believe I'm here for a reason. Maybe the waves will take me away from here to other lands I don't know. Maybe someone will pick me up again and take me to a place or their garden where I can do my main task. Maybe a small sea bug will make me a nest in it. At least I'll be able to fuel a fire that someone will cook their food. 

Despite everything, life goes on and I do not lose hope.