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StaffScapes Details How to Encourage a Better Work-Life Balance Among Your Employees

laurendaniels9Aug 5, 2019, 6:00:14 PM

As an entrepreneur, balancing work and personal life can be extremely difficult, especially during the beginning start-up stages, since wearing multiple hats requires sacrifices in your own life. Building a business requires a founder’s extra love and care. However, once you begin to hire employees and delegate your hats, it is time to strive for a better work-life balance.

Practicing this balance as a leader is crucial when encouraging others around you to do the same. Overworking can cause burnout, health issues, and job dissatisfaction.

Besides practicing what you preach, Denver PEO, StaffScapes recommends a few other ways on how to encourage your employees to live a balanced life below:

Say “Yes” to Self-Care

Chocolate, bubble baths, and wine might come to mind when you see the term self-care, but those things don’t particularly define it. Depending on the individual, self-care is taking some time to yourself to rest and recharge. This process might entail watching your favorite show, or even going alone to the gym.

Business owners should support self-care actions. When an employee undergoes high stress, suggest he or she take some time off to rest and do activities to relieve them of their current worries. Refreshing your mind and body before returning to work with a calm, clear perspective is more productive than continuing to wallow in stress.

Use Technology

Younger employees more regularly strive to create a work-life balance because they value the freedom technology gives them. Granting employees the freedom to stay connected with coworkers through technological devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops while working remotely helps instill a higher appreciation for work-life balance.

Breaking technology rules in the office is another excellent tactic. Staying connected to technological devices is a large part of employees' lives, and it also allows them to multitask efficiently. Allowing digital use during meetings results in time used more proactively.

Redefining Failure

Society praises the busy body, which makes pursuing a work-life balance all the more difficult. As an entrepreneur in the starting points of a new business, it is common to hold on to the misconception and fear that, if you’re not working, your company will fail.

For the sake of your employees' wellbeing, do not act on that fear. Some employees feel pressured to overwork or bring work tasks home when their boss never stops working. Rather than encouraging a toxic work ethic, redefine failure as not embodying balance.

Teach Energy Management

The business industry is not shy to stress the importance of time management, but what about energy management?

When new employees join the team, start their training by teaching energy management rather than time management. Energy management not only increases productivity, but it also supports balance.

“Throughout the day, remind employees to pay attention to their energy levels. During times of low energy, encourage them to take on low-level tasks like administrative work. During your times of high energy, encourage them to take on challenging high-level jobs.,” stated StaffScapes.