Semi-retired common man. Worked hard, made mistakes, attoned for some as well. Still love my country with all its warts. Insatiable appetite for knowledge.
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"Nothing can be useful, if it is not at the same time morally good." -- Cicero (De Officiis II, 30)

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I started my journey to finding truth a couple of years ago. A little late to the party, I know, but at least I made it! I try to give as many upvotes as I can, but sadly I don't have as much time to spend here as I used to. I will do as much as I can with the time I have. Just because I give you an up vote doesn't mean I agree with you. It's simply a thank you for taking your valuable time to vote or comment. :) I often post things that are controversial. The point in doing so is to start a conversation. I don't necessarily agree with everything I post, but it's easy to see I am a conservative and most of my posts are also.

I'm just an old country boy. I try to avoid town as much as possible. Directions to my house include "turn off the dirt road, and it's another half mile up the driveway". 

I'm a follower of Jesus/Yeshua the Lion of Judah and King of kings. If you are as well then lets study the Word and fellowship together! My Website My Minds Groups Messianic Minds Conversation Group My YouTube Channel Other Great Minds Channels @Ephesians612 @ChristianConversationChannel @Kbug68 @ConserveTruth @Jaih4Truth @WVSam @Hisrefugewings @Danielsrz777 @Kbay @Borka23 @InHisGrip @MrScroggins @granddude @RichNY @dailyeffectiveprayer @JimArtmeier @Kiko_han @ChristopherRobbins1985 @Brian_Reynolds @Masterchief197 @thulanthile @IamSentme @RebeccaStewart @All4Jesus @BeenJamin @MarkOfTruth @PioneerBluePrint @MATSATI @Truth_The_Objective_Reality @Godsgrace777 @jackelopes Please respect my wife and I by not subscribing to my channel if you have any nudity or I will block you. I don't follow 4 follow, so please only subscribe if you enjoy my content. Thank you so much!

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I am an inventor, author, blogger, Dream interpreter, researcher, teacher and most of all student of all things. I am a proud introvert, and often too edgy. I've been accused of being stupid, but never being closed minded; I always try to learn something new every day and like a true explorer I always share the most fascinating things I discover, everything I post will likely make you do a double-take if it doesn't just blow your mind, I focus my research on the subconscious mind to explore the deeper components to life.... click subscribe and let's go on an adventure together. I focus my posts on the most interesting and fascinating facts and misconceptions we have in society. My goal is to learn and share something new and interesting every day.

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Minds influencer. I promote new and old channels. I'm exchanging tokens too. #TOKEN #EXCHANGE Account created on: Apr 13, 2017, 8:21:55 PM

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U.S. Navy and U.S. Army veteran. Worked as Army contractor for many years.. In any CONFLICT between two men (or two groups) who hold the same basic principles, it is the more consistent one who wins. In any COLLABORATION between two men (or two groups) who hold different basic principles, it is the more evil or irrational one who wins. When OPPOSITE basic principles are clearly and openly defined, it works to the advantage of the rational side; when they are not clearly defined, but are hidden or evaded, it works to the advantage of the irrational side. A banished refugee from FaceLeftBook. Pro Liberty, Pro Guns, Pro Free Minds, Pro Free Markets. Very Anti Corporate Socialism. Christian, politically independent person who strives for objective truth. I'm also a nationalist that believes we definitely have the right to, and SHOULD control our borders. We should also control our own monetary policy and eliminate debt based money by adopting honest money. Unless I know you well enough, you are NOT allowed to post links or images in the comments on my posts without permission. It's easy enough to ask, so ask. I will delete such intrusions at my discretion. I no longer use the word *libertarian* to describe myself, as the word has become plagerized and redefined so badly that it is now unusable. Today, many people who call themselves *libertarians* are actually various types and degrees of socialists and statists, the inverse of what a libertarian used to be. The actual "big L" party has nominated too many goofballs in the last few presidential contests and is no longer, IMHO, the party of Ron Paul that I once proudly carried the membership card for. I donated to and voted for President Trump in 2016, and again in 2020. Why didn't he pardon Assange? Why is he promoting the damned COVID vaccine? I am ready to disavow him. I believe what I believe, but I'm willing to discuss most anything (if enough time) as long as it's DIALOG (meaning 2- way) and you are willing to answer questions as well as you make assertions. This caveat rules out discussion with leftists, who have only deception and depravity as tools of persuasion. They are evil, sneaky, weasely parasites who do not deserve a microgram of my attention or patronage. Others can debate and argue with leftists as they wish, and I applaud your determination to try to change their minds, but I'm done with them and I block them. I have NO interest in debating the same continually regurgitated statist talking points in their war on reason. I refuse to compromise or collaborate with leftists, statists, socialists, communists, or any other authoritarian/totalitarian types. I also have a very low tolerance for people whose first instinct is to default to ad hominem attacks against me or my friends. If you can't be civil, then even if you're an ally I still might block you. Try a different tactic, even if you're having a bad day or on the damn rag. Don't downvote without commenting why. I don't mind the downvote so much as I mind not knowing why you did it. I'll first ask you for your motivations a couple times, then for every unexplained downvote I'll do the same on your posts and comments. I don't immediately block for this because I can't tell if you're just kidding or are new here. Understand that since I don't know you and can't see your facial expressions, I have no way to discern your motivations without your comments. I have subscribers here who do downvote without commenting who I don't mind, but I've gotten to know their sense of humor. If that's what you're doing, or I just deserve the downvote for whatever reason, let me know with comments till we get to know each other a bit better, OK? Do you think my "rules" are excessive? They're not. They're really just a re-statement of the de facto and de jure RIGHTS we have as human beings, and the privileges that Minds has granted for everyone using Minds that flow from the abilities we have to delete obscene, abusive, and insulting comments on our posts, along with, ultimately, the blocking of those whom we choose. If I want to eject trespassers from my front lawn who've invaded with bullhorns, it is my right. Certainly they have a right to 'free speech,' but they don't have the right to force me to listen to it, ESPECIALLY on property I own or control. Flying various aircraft gave me the most fulfilling experiences in my life (besides my grandkids). I still have my pilot certificate, but I'm no longer able to be PIC due to health problems. These same problems also forced me to retire too early. I'm now back into ham radio after many years of neglect and for something to do. I've just programmed a couple DMR radios, and have been working FT8 on 80 and 40 meters recently, as well as several other modes on all bands. Anthony Scarymucho is a pseudonym that I'd change if I could do it without having to rebuild this channel.

Co-Host of Anarchy Among Friends Roundtable Discussion, Warrior Poet and Comedic Philosopher (banned from Twitter and Facebook for Thoughtcrime) YouTube link for all episodes of our show...

I am an enigma. A contradiction in terms. I am two extremes who've met in the middle, and split apart. I am the calm before my storm. I am my own best friend, and my own worst enemy. I am my own healer, and also my own personal hell. Only I can make me, or break me. I am the wizened crone, in the mind of the maiden. I am a brilliant star in a dark universe. I am a comedian in a world that hates to laugh. I am the caring nurse that forgets self care. I am the prophet who sees the future in the past. I am the voice of words already spoken. I am the poet of things yet thought. I smile through tears.. I cry with joy. I fix all the others while falling apart. I am everything no one else is, was, or ever will be. Wore out and broken, but built better every day. I am the student teacher..I am here to learn what I already know and teach what I'm learning. I am an enigma. But then, so are you.

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