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VeneBrasileña🇻🇪🇧🇷 Carioca con ascendente en la playa. 🌅 am an independent Brazil-based Portrait and Nude Photographer 📷

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I like things and stuff and doing stuff. I like interesting and thought-provoking topics. I like to have a good laugh at human style jokes. My shoe size is 44 in Europe and 11 in United States. I own many pairs of athletic socks. During inclement weather I still venture outside unnecessarily. That's basically all you need to know about me. Subscribe if you're interested in learning more.

A.nti C.abal R.ebel A.lliance, /MCV/ Memetic Warfare Division / 1rst Weaponized Autism Battalion, POWER LEVEL +++

I found my collection of old and sometimes just wrong memes if anything offends you enough to bitch, you're a pussy, some of these offend me but not enough to bitch, I want you to post the most fucked up memes on my wall I want mine to be the darkest page on minds and that's a challenge to offend me you pussies no personal harassment is the only rule

Aug 2019
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