# //////// Since October 2015, I draw from life classical dancers during their lessons on Saturdays. // Lan Prima // contact : [email protected] // boutikkkk : against fascism

This page was created on September 8, 2016 If you want to pay me a beer... :) My Litecoin address: MG8U9GiDVVo8AExveU615N3SUgM3TQccTC

Shall I give them religion? . . . If I could allow myself a sarcastic and cynical moment: There is much research done for these writings and many excerpts are taken secondary to the primary essay or book. I am putting this together not to create an ethos for myself but rather as a discovery. I have seen the community colleges and university educational system in play and I can do better, much better. If you want to use any of this material just ask and I will provide comprehensive source material and citations-everything here is legit and at the highest level of scholarship. So, no reason to criticize what you may see as plagiarism when I am openly admitting my 'form',...which is basically a standard university essay form--materially rephrasing others' work, correct? That is what we call school in America now, I think... Thanks. If it seems I don't know much about the internet it is because I don't normally stare at screens. I stare at journals and books with paper and pen nearby. 2, 2, 3, 2, 3 No links are posted for vids because it is aesthetically displeasing. I'm sure you can find them yourself.

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Beekeeper, BEES, honey, hive, Mexico. Company in development, dedicated to the production chain in forestry and apiculture systems. Starting from the tree planting, felling and processing boxes of hives. In beekeeping we are producing honey and propolis. @Cipactli

Self taught Artist Blacksmith, avid skier, avid whitewater kayaker, outdoor loving, family man.

Songwriter, Singer and Multi-instrumentalist My music is inspired by film score composers such as Vangelis and Hans Zimmer and I draw inspiration for my lyrics from Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology as well as Biblical texts and various books & films. I am also interested in building a network of artists, musicians, poets, writers, photographers etc to engage in collaborations, group projects and to support one another's creative endeavours.

Artist sharing my work. Mostly pen or graphite. Love to connect and chat with other creative people. Questions and commission enquiries welcome. Enjoy!

A channel dedicated to the beautiful minds that love science! Be Kind, Subscribe and Remind!!! Science Group Page! List of hashtags #science #biology #chemistry #physics #math #astronomy #nature #environment #technology #engineering #medicine #space

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