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Importance of Pond Aeration

lakeandpondservicesnowJan 19, 2019, 4:31:21 AM

It might be dangerous to have a poor aeration system, as it would not allow enough oxygen in the pond. There is a healthy ecosystem where aeration is enough. When choosing an aeration system, you might face a great challenge especially if you do not know what to look for. Do not choose an aerator without considering the surface area; moreover, consider how deep your pond is. Make sure that the aeration system you purchase would be enough for your pond. If your pond is deeper, you should go for the bottom diffuser plate. Do not forget to consider the shape of the pond; you can use almost any aeration system for a round or oval pond. Ponds that do not have a defined shape require you to buy many aerators to ensure sufficient aeration. It is interesting to note that some aerators do not make noise while doing their work and that is what you should go for. Generally, ensure that you talk with your provider to give you options. There are several reasons why you should aerate your pond. Do check out St. Petersburg aeration and habitat info. 

You are most likely to find a lot of muck in a pond that does not have a good aeration system. When nutrients accumulate at the bottom of a pond for a long time; they become muck, which feels bad between your toes. You would not like the smell of the muck. It can also be a breeding site for leeches. Where there is increased dissolved oxygen; you are most likely to find little or no muck and decaying material. It also ensures that there are essential aerobic bacteria to consume the nutrients, which is a great way to minimize the existing mud and prevent its buildup in the days to come.

It enhances the quality of the water in the pond. The nutrients that accumulate over time can be suspended on the water column and this makes the pond to appear threatening. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce muck, increase oxygen, and circulate the water in order to ensure that water is more clear and of a good quality. In addition, aeration reduces algae and weed in the water because there are little or no nutrients to facilitate their growth. Do call us if you want to learn more. 

Aeration minimizes the risk of death of the fish in the pond. You should note that fish tend to die from time to time; however, you will realize that the lack of enough oxygen can facilitate the death of many fish at once. The pond may freeze during winter, trapping gasses released during the decomposition of organic debris. For this reason, it is advisable to have a good aeration system for your pond so that there could be enough oxygen. There will be no threat from the gases released during decomposition.

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