Linux enthusiast with a insane love for guns, Japanese art and Vocaloids

Welcome to an unofficial Minds page of the Canadian Armed Forces — those who confront death, who safeguard the nation as the nation slumbers. NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT.

The Survival Outpost is a unique marketplace for survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts, preppers, military personnel and anyone living a self sufficient lifestyle.

cute and unreal is aesthetic i don't like bullies who want a one-way internet : winter__leaf : winter__leaf

Disclaimer: everything here is satire. Disclaimer to the disclaimer: I'm saying this so I don't get banned.

A communications and networking engineer that knows a thing or two about printers as well. Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.

I am a middle aged husband, father of 2 and grandfather to 1 amazing little man. I am hoping this site will provide an opportunity for my creativity and expression. I am from Northern British Columbia, Canada.

The Observer is the Observed Passionate about all things plants. Polyculture, Herbalism, Plant Law, Garden Stone and Rockery A garden by a windy cliff #herbalism #garden #wildflower #secretgarden #isleoflewis #hebrides #permaculture #deepecology #environmental #ecology #regeneration #nature #spirit #beauty # Deep Ecology: An awareness of the oneness and interconnection of all life and its cycles of change and transformation.

anime, manga and figures, though not necessarily in that order. G+ Refugee: +warazashi

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