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Free Printable Fax Cover Sheet Format

komalshaDec 25, 2018, 7:41:40 AM

A fax cover sheet is the page or document that's sent to a receiver before the facsimile transmission. The fax cover sheet, also commonly called the fax cover page, contains information concerning the faxed document after it. These facsimile cover sheet templates, available below for downloading, will lead you on how to make your own fax cover sheet, which means that you can send a fax to anyone with a fax cover sheet and prevent confusing them. A facsimile cover page is totally optional, but is frequently recommended since it informs the receiver about what the incoming facsimile transmission is all about and what they have to do with it.

You may download our free fax cover templates below and use them to your own work, or make your own fax cover sheet by speaking to these fax cover page templates.

Let's take a peek at what should be contained in a facsimile cover sheet.

Very similar to an email, a fax cover sheet template has information concerning the sender & recipient, the date, a topic, etc.. The most important advice of a service statement are:

Fax Number





It will help the receiver to know where the document should go and who it's intended for. This is vital, particularly if the receiving company or company uses one facsimile machine for the entire employee pool. Your cover sheet will help guarantee that the record ends up in the appropriate hands.

Select one of the templates to your fax cover sheet. Click on the arrows on the left or right of the preview to see the adjacent template. Some templates need additional Office programs to be installed, like those having an"eFax" banner throughout the template's preview or thumbnail, since these templates may connect to third party applications. Office programs are third-party apps that can extend the functionality of Microsoft Office but may require additional applications, subscriptions or purchases.