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Welcome Investors!

Koei • TamaMay 24, 2021, 9:09:04 PM

This is the official I-R (Investor-Relations) post at minds.com for TAKEO TAMA, a Music-entertainment provider, offering a variety of Songs spanning many genres and styles including Classical, Electro, Pop, Rock, and 8/16-Bit (a.k.a. Chiptune).


Objectives (what "we are" seeking funding for):

[+] "AI/Tech" -- Bandwidth expansion to develop and run further tests per the audio/video technologies we're now deploying (i.e. self-hosted transcoding-streams etc.)

[+] "Branding" -- Micro-Targeted site-wide awareness, utilizing "non" Google/Microsoft technologies (i.e. RealCRO, Party)

[+] "Web/UI" -- To further consolidate and retrofit existing marketing-mechanisms for efficiency and faster distributions (a.k.a. coding-hours or 'design-interfacing')

[+] "Web/UX" -- To re-examine existing sound-recording catalogue delivery and determine if a "new" or 'secondary' framework may increase Licensing/sales intake



Itemization (what "we are not" seeking funds for):

[-] "Salary" -- Seriously, we'll just keep going until we can't. We're seeking "Help" (i.e. financial-assistance) for business, not 'handouts' for living...

[-] "Standard/Traditional-Marketing" -- Since we are not deployed across social-media and have no dependencies towards those hubs, we have no inclination to ask the general-public or entities to assists facilitating common market-activities. (Our goals are not similar to typical Music Artists, Label, or Publisher expectations. We "furiously" wish to evade lowest-common-denominator marketing-methods, "Hoping" to deliver what many Song and Soundtrack enthusiasts may deem a High-Quality product, sans vanity-metrics, distractions etc.) *

* The use of minds.com to collect contributions from persons or an entity that may want to help stems purely from the tools and capabilities available on the network. It is unknown to us if Minds can assists or generate leads for this style of requests.

[-] "Equipment" -- We have "some" stuff. It should be enough until it's not, enough...? Enough said??



[Minimum donation amount]:

We believe that "any" amount is helpful and feel it is fair (and balanced) to say that 1.oo/tokens or $1.oo/dollars is greatly appreciated.




- Though we are small and "audio"-centric, our Creation, Distribution, Licensing, and Publishing aims (i.e. processes) are more similar to a company like, "Nintendo", regarding how the sound-recording catalogue is categorized (e.g. all albums, EPs, and singles are self contained and exists within their own universes/verticals) *




Advanced composition skillsets

Evolving new-tech comprehensions

Absolutely "no" auto-tune



Low capital for full new-tech experimentation

Average capital for standard distribution activities

No excess capital for expanded direct-markets/alt-tech activity



To the point...



Money helps (or so we've heard)! It creates opportunities for expansion, marketing, and all sorts of other production related happenings.

Also! There are many new ways to earn, collect, and increase funds. Crypto, SaaS-apps, you name it.

In business, we're often asked to "dress up" the overall intent of a program, product, or service, typically to make things easier to understand or faster to comprehend, so, keeping in the spirit of transparency and staying right on point.....

First, come see what we do:


(We're "always" building, creating, and experimenting) *



[Something we don't like]:

We dislike thinking, "Well hey! If the person checking us out really digs what we're doing, and there were five hundred or one thousand more persons like them, who shared a dollar with us, that'd be great because it's an extra five hundred or one thousand in capital, to do what we really want to do with the songs, well beyond just the recording and publishing!"

That sort of thinking makes us nauseated, in general.




• A combination of thriving in the moments of challenging ourselves and taking ourselves too seriously to do otherwise (probably).

However; today, we took a look at what types of things get funded in the new ecosystems. From super-chats to Patreon to SubscribeStar and even here at minds.com etc. and we've concluded, "It's well overdue to stop being too serious to ask for assistance."

So as of right now, we're going to stop feeling "blah" about asking for help.


← Before {

We were perfectly happy to just try until we die.


} After →

We're still happy to die trying but, who knows? Maybe you can help step things up a notch??



What we stand for:

We aspire to be a world class leader in evolved Music entertainment experiences (and now accept donations which can be made by any member of the general public).

Whether you're exploring Songs at our websites, retail download stores, or 3rd-party streaming services, please remember, no part of what we do is possible without a listener, just like you.

We're grateful and look forward to your contribution.



Are you a seasoned or veteran Investor who'd like more details in a 'prospectus' style.....?






Other crazy things we're currently trying to do: