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Currently developing Stitch (@StitchGamesQA), a game-testing/QA platform, focused on indie game developers. Gaming News: @StitchNews Gamedev: @StitchInteractive Gaming News Group on Minds: Follow me on Gab: #indie #gamedev #QA #GamesQA #gaming

Im an artist and a blogger and a writer soo yeah

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Por el momento no hay mucho que decir, solo que tengo muchas cosas que me gustan y que tal vez comparta.

Art hobbyist. Mom. Casual Gamer. INFP/J. Pisces. Ravenclaw.

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Verifed Loser | Shitposter | Single | Artist/illustrator | Currently making Virtual YouTubers. 【Pixiv】 【Fanbox】 Support me on here if you want to. I also like anime feet

Indie Game Lover™ is here to provide admiration and inspiration through the love of indie games. http://indiegamelover.com

Pixel artist, designer, educator. Empowering others with creativity while chasing my own artistic ambitions.

I have returned from my long slumber on a different platform, Hello Niggers! Remember to join the #animindkkk group:

Primarily interested in nature photography, music, and art – all made possible by Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Rock & Roll! ~~ Disclaimer: I am not actually a guitar. My username is a play on the David Bowie character of the Thin White Duke. ~~ music and stuff on YouTube:

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