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How to Install a Woder 10K-Gen3 Under-Sink Water Filter

KirkegaardChapman50Mar 5, 2019, 8:22:39 AM

Do you use a water filter?

Water is essential for our health (duh), but getting clean drinking water is often a hassle.

Unless you have a fridge with a filtered water tap, your stuck using less desirable methods:

Water bottles that add up and create a lot of waste
A faucet filter that gets in the way and slows down water flow
A refillable filtered water carafe that gets annoying when you drink a lot of water
The best solution that’s easy to use and within budget for nearly everyone is a filter that you install below the sink.

After recently moving to a new place, I decided that this was the option I would use, and I figured I would share my experience with you since you probably care about having easy access to filtered water.

After careful deliberation (browsing Amazon and reading reviews for about 5 minutes), I decided to go with this one:

Woder 10K-Gen3 Under Sink Water Filter

This water filter lasts 3 years before it needs a new filter and it’s only $99 — a steal if you ask me.

I’ve included a brief overview of how easy this bad boy is to install, along with a video documenting the process.

Step 1
Find a convenient spot to mount your water filter.

Mark the holes with a pen, drill a couple of pilot holes, and then screw in the 2 screws that came with the water filter.

Then Woder 10k gen 3 Review can mount it like so:
Step 2
Find the cold water valve and turn it off.

Then disconnect the cold water line and connect it to the water filter.
Step 3
Connect the other line on the water filter back to the cold water valve.

Now your cold water will run through the filter and to your faucet as normal.

Woder 10k gen 3 of all, the water doesn’t slow down hardly at all and you still have full pressure for the hot water, which is what you would use for cleaning off dishes.