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Gamer boi/Nintendo boomer. talks too much about vidya and posts more than I talk. 1/4 of the Colors Of Gaming Youtube channel.

Writer/Youtuber I just published my first book Renegades Volume 1: Rise on Amazon. I make YouTube videos and post short stories every once in a while. Book link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09FYQX9ZD

This Channel is owned and operated by the team at CHRILLCAST Media LLC. A video podcast hosted by Chris, Will (CHRILL) and Billy (and sometimes TiMMy) with featured guests frequently.

I love gaming and making content about it. Also I love make animations content.

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I created a youtube channel & now it's on Minds :D On my channel, I use cheat discs, cartridges and SD Cards to cheat on retro consoles :D

23 • gamer boi • single • liberty minded ----------------------------------------- twitter https://twitter.com/kobvlt spacehey (like old myspace) https://spacehey.com/kobvlt -----------------------------------------

Parimine Denizen/Ziiiiimm
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Husband, father, son, uncle, vet carpenter, roofer, welder, mason aspiring-writer, novice-coder, indie-game-dev jack-of-all-trades/master-of-[few] co-founder of Rolly Dino Studios, LLC www.rollydinostudios.com

I Talk About Nerd News And Occasionally Play Video Games! What More Could You Ask For? Refugee of the #Parler purge. #ZeoGaming #caff #ZeoEffect #WorldofWarcraft

I'm a freelance illustrator and Odysee creator, with a knack for custom fan art! Always OPEN FOR COMISSIONS!! check me out @ http://studiodragoon.blogspot.com https://odysee.com/@StudioDragoon:4

Official @avpunknown An Aliens vs. Predator community gaming hub alien/pred/avp | Also follow @avp2game for avp2 related news/updates/videos

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