A Radio Presenter Relaunched: I used to be doing quite well in UK Radio, let's call them Gapital FM, I've also worked (from the bottom up!) at an LGBT radio show. I've been a burgeoning BBC Radio 4 EXTRA scriptwriter, poet and character actor, I'm a mere 23 now. Then I read some Neitchze, along with all my years of Russian history (I knew it'd come in handy sometime!) got my work 'reapropriated' for wonderful diversity purposes, got banned then punched from comedy clubs for leaning RIGHT then left then...ouch! Truth Pixie Media will be the amalgamation be all those experiences. Interviewing Trump Diversity Advisor/ News Hottie Steph Hamil, Jewish Rights Rabblerouser David Colier and even some funny people. Muh voice here. MUCH more soon! https://youtu.be/WiBKwkFN8pk

Quiet please! In exactly 15 seconds, we'll be on the air.

A different sort of stoner podcast, I think

Here to escape the censored worlds of FB, Twitter, Youtube, Patreon, and counting. Hoping for intelligent chats and to meet good ppl Anti-SJW, Left-leaning Centrist, Gamer, Anime fan, and intellectual.

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Dec 2019
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