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Nine Point Plan to Community Sovereignty Around the World

justmeagainDec 8, 2018, 5:43:00 PM

Nine Steps to Restoring Local Fiscal and Legislative Power to Citizens


The first thing that must be done is to defund federal governments everywhere. Collect taxes locally and distribute from the bottom up, rather than top down. Wealthy nations can stop funding foreign wars and their puppet regimes. All nations can redirect funds back to services that support the taxpayers' own communities FIRST. Decentralized government must be reinstated so that the people appointed to server the public are always near and accessible. Employ a system of jury-duty-like once-in-a-lifetime short-term service for all citizens to participate in legislative duties and prepare all children through the education system to be competent legislators and overseers of government. From these randomly chosen citizens, county, state and national legislators can be selected using the same procedures. Preparing all citizens and randomly selecting a few for short-term duties, eliminates the problems of self-serving career politicians and embedded agency saboteurs and produces a society that is competent in oversight of government activities.

Second, prevent psychopaths from holding ANY public office, from municipal clerk to federal judge. Administer fMRI scans and the Hare Psychopath Checklist as a prerequisite during the vetting, hiring, election and selection processes. The function and architecture of a psychopath's brain are distinct. Their lack of empathy and concern for others disqualify them from roles in public service and decision-making for the masses. They can be identified. They can be removed.

Third, force all government bodies to report financially for EVERYTHING every quarter. With income taxes collected and held in trust by local governments, offer citizen's a federal program and agency opt-out checklist and withhold tax transfers to any government body that fails to produce quarterly reports to justify their value and purpose to citizens, and their responsible fiscal management of taxpayer' money.

Fourth, enforce consistent use of existing or establish new national security document redaction bodies to evaluate 'top secret' claims to ensure freedom of information access is available and denials for 'national security' reasons are legitimate.

Fifth, dismantle all agencies and committees, whose mandates relate to espionage, war strategy, secret 'services' and reorganize all others to report spending and activities to taxpayers through municipal level governments.

Sixth, introduce routine referenda by phone or internet (with roll up from local to county to state to national), with quarterly reporting and performance evaluations, establishing options to dismiss civil servants (includes all elected and unelected officials at all levels of government) for poor performance and arrest civil servants for illegal activities upon suspicion. Put all questions of war, proxy war and foreign funding, salary/pension increases, proposed and renewed spending budgets, new and renewed program proposals, etcetera, through this referenda process.

Seventh, eliminate perpetual pension plans for politicians, terminate their pensions, salaries and other publicly funded benefits upon conviction of criminal activity.

Eighth, establish a fund to bring court cases filed on behalf of the public interest against civil servants, meaning all elected and unelected officials at all levels of government. Cases can be approved for funding of investigation/discovery and trial through the referenda process.

Ninth, demand the removal of military forces from foreign territories and defund NATO and the UN as standing institutions of communist-globalism, replacing the same with adhoc councils comprised of national leaders with a direct involvement in the international business at hand. Let no uninvolved and uninvited national leader or military impose their terms or sanctions upon another, but should such occur, diplomatically investigate and reprimand the individuals involved, rather than pursuing wars. In the case of a truly rogue, imperialistic political or military leader, review Step Two - removal of psychopaths from public office.


This Nine Point Plan aims to displace representative government with Direct Democracy, wherein all legislative matters are decided by Majority Rule by citizens. Differences of interests between local governments are to be respected, with none imposing rulings over another, likewise, no county, state or nation would impose its rulings over another. Minority groups, whose interests are not met within majority interests, are entitled to migrate to or establish new communities that better align with their interests. Such self-determined formation of communities of like-minded, culturally-compatible citizens should not be classified as segregation or apartheid, if they are formed without coercion, but are based upon natural preference of association.

Fundamentally, each citizen should recognize that what is good for the whole of humanity, is good for the individual. Service to the whole has precedence over service to self. Failing that ideal, service to the majority takes precedence over service to the self. Where differences are irreconcilable, allow for separation into culturally and politically compatible communities, avoiding imposition of rule over anyone, but allow no psychopath, or otherwise self-serving individual or group, to hold public office, nor influence politics. Review Step Two - removal of psychopaths from public office.

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