Love that not everyone thinks like me, I’m here for the difference of opinion as much as finding similarly minded people. Fresh thought ❤️
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Notations on my journey through the ups and downs of life....

Male Family Man Proud College Dropout Conspiracy Theorist Christian/agnostic Lite materials handler

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Retired Navy...Conservative Politics Memes, music, Asia and United States. Add Me and I’ll Add ya Back 😎😎😎

decipher the 💩🐃freedom and peace 💙

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Arkham Asylum's #1 Inmate. This site is only a promotional Site. Want to follow this Joker for reals? Follow me at https://ello.co/joker_satx First you have to Join Ello. Then click the link above to find me. If you just click the link without joining Ello you will not find me.

A ditsy carbon based lifeform with a propensity for hardcore extreme procrastination and with the ability to drink my own body weight in cups of tea each day. My interests are interesting things, semi interesting things, slightly interesting things and silly cat videos. I was born at an early age and being male didnt quite master the art of growing up. I have a genetic mental deficiency, but as I got older my hair became less blond and more scarce so it doesnt seem so noticeable now :)

Minds needs a bit of humor. Clearly my lame attempts are not providing it, but someone should. Feel free to subscribe for more mediocre meme reposts.

England, United Kingdom, England, United Kingdom
Oct 2017
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