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#OldSchoolPresbyterianism #WestminsterStandards #SouthernAgrarian John 3:30 (NKJV): He must increase, but I must decrease. Bitcoin: 3KeVAM7QD9HvnkVmTpfZ5bHgcXLastxh1V Etherium: 0xd3e61284be9c6c9b975fb09750c802a8ec1ebc50 Litecoin: MBVSTkRwUpRNZieVmqPdmpejqp7897wKrm Wallpaper Artwork: Benjamin Eastlake Leader (1817-1916), An English River In Autumn
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This page is dedicated to celebrating all things European. Our beautiful land, history, scientific achievements and most of all our incredible European men and women. This page is also dedicated to shedding light on the psychological war being waged against our people. This page will attempt to identify those people whose aim it is to deny us of our land, culture, history and heritage. Please join me in sharing love for our people and let us take back what has always been ours.

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Mostly Peaceful Polymath, Veteran, & Author. Over-educated lout. Husband and Father. Southern Nationalist. Bourbon Enthusiast. Super-Straight. Roman Catholic.

Jew Lies Matter
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Jeff Mock
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Christian, Unreconstructed Southern nationalist. Find me on Telegram at

Deep South
Jan 2021
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