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How to Notify ACRA Before making any changes to my Company

joshua1789smithDec 10, 2019, 11:34:50 AM

It is very important for you to inform the Accounting and Corporate regulatory authority (ACRA) before making any particular changes to your company. This process should be completed within the 14 days of making the changes to your company. We will tell you about the certain changes in your company that will require, you to notify the ACRA.

Here are some of the changes that are in need of such notifications:

It is very important for you to notify the ACRA if you are planning to change the name of your company.

If you are changing the companies registered address.

If you are increasing or decreasing your companies share capital.

If you are planning to add or to remove the number of shareholders in your company.

At the time of removing or appointing the director of the company.

At the time you are changing the companies business activities.

If you are making any changes to the personal details of any member of the company.

Make sure that you inform the ACRA before a particular time period, as once you fail to do so your company will be charged with a huge fine that will be starting from $50-S$350.