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The lady at the end (whose name I Don know and I wish not to know) says that the word "hate" was spoken, and "we should not hate anyone, or any nation, or any people." Let alone the validity of the statement in itself (no one gets tell anyone else what their feelings need to be, least than anyone that anonymous lady), Farage said "we love Europe, we just hate the EU." As the EU is not anyone, nor a nation, nor a people, the lady reply is disingenuous and manipulative, and well synthetizes the sly and despicable attitude and contempt for the people of Europe, which is the principle on which the EU was founded.
#UK #Brexit #NigelFarage #EU Nigel Farage gives his excellent final speech to the EU Parliament. So glad Britain is finally leaving the EU, a great victory for the people of Britain. Rule Britannia! Now to end mass third world immigration... Nigel Farage's dramatic final speech at the European Parliament ahead of the Brexit vote A video by LBC
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