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John Ottman Co-founder Minds, Inc.

Author of the Gaia Girls book series, city councilman, yogini, tap-dancer, goof.

Its me gang no worries! I can't find my key to transfer tokens. Thus I need to start again from stage one. Wish me luck!鉁岎煒庘湆 #LiveWithLove #PeaceBeWithYou @MissKitty22 @Jeffwilliams16 #SmileBecauseYouCan

Firearms Instructor. Right Wing Guy. Video Game Fan since '79! Prefers Sig Sauers over all others. Not on Gab much anymore. I get bored easily so I post a LOT of memes. #KEK #MAGA #KAG #DITTOHEAD Lifetime Member of: The American Warrior Society, CCRKBA, Georgia Carry, Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment Foundation. Annual Member of: Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, Firearms Policy Coalition, Judicial Watch and The Personal Defense Network. Proud Member of Rush 24/7! Until the NRA gets rid of LaPierre and the rest of the corrupt Board DO NOT JOIN THE NRA...CANCEL your Membership...DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY. Under their leadership, the NRA has become a money making scheme for themselves and their families. The NRA now means (N)ot (R)eal (A)ctivists. If you live in Georgia then you need to know that the group, Georgia Gun Owners, is a fake group. They take money and members away from groups that actually fight for 2A Rights. They also claim other groups' 2A victories as their own while spreading lies about them. Much like the way the NRA is now, GGO is a money making scheme for its owner. They have done NOTHING in the fight for the 2A. They have only attacked other 2A groups and hurt our cause. Do not join them, support them or give them your hard earned money!

This is the official channel for Minds Radio. Minds Radio. For the Minds community!

Anti鈫恈apitalist, anti鈫恇ankster, anarchist, Im for anything that fucks up the current system!

A father, gamer, and a Marine. I take on topics others are not willing to touch. I do as much research as possible on every subject I write about. I will make mistakes since I am human (despite rumors saying otherwise) One's views must stay fluid to be able to change with new information. I am open to debate, which is the corner stone to learning. As they say in the Marine Corps "steel sharpens steel"

Bangalore based Indian.. Loves to hangout with friends, hobbies include playing cricket, Xbox and keep your friends close n beers chilled. Have fun.

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Sep 2012
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