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You can change your phenotype, but not your genotype. There is no scientific basis for transgender. Call it what it is: transvestite. I make my own memes and amateur web sites. Server space and domain names cost $$. Consider a wire 鈿★笍 to me. Tokens 馃挵 are used to boost 馃挭馃徎 my posts. Thanks! 馃嚭馃嚫
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I'm Brian. My aim is to create relevant content that impacts, engages and entertains! Enjoy!

I'm a millennial woman, a national socialist, an ethnonationalist, and working towards being the best tradwife I can be. Blood and soil are what are important to me, as well as the 14 words. I hope to have white babies someday and start a small community to live in peace with other likeminded people.

Welcome to USA Conservative where conservative values are learned and liberal nonsense is shunned. Join us on our journey to Make America Great Again!

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Beautiful natural white girls looking healthy and fertile.. I know that many Americans prefer "more meat on the bone", but I prefer natural-looking Slavic women. As a people, they look young and hungry, at their fighting weight. That's what White people will need to be like, moving forward.

鈥akk for St酶tte鈥 Thank You For The Support Blessings to you all

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Action 7 is dedicated to bringing you exclusive on the street coverage of rallies, protests and political events that you won鈥檛 find anywhere else!

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Please follow, thumbs up, remind, and wire me! Your support is what keeps me posting and on this platform. Subscription levels as follows(PLEASE DONATE): 1 Token and unlock all NSFW pics. 5 Tokens and unlock (all above) + Solo/Short vids. 10 Tokens and unlock (all above) + Premium vids. 20 Tokens and unlock (all above) + Minds ONLY vids. You can find NSFW and custom content at:

Freedom isn't free.

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