God's Libertarians is a compilation of articles, videos, and opinions by me, the creator of the page. Bottom line is that we need to question along with supporting those who do respect our Constitution and act with this in mind. I hope it enables people to discern truth by watching or reading whatever will help us understand the most intense attempts to destroy humanity. I am not a cheerleader. I am a realist and a Christian Patriot. I will post whatever I discern to be helpful to whoever comes to this page. Join me, share, and pray that we survive this spiritual battle we are in. May God protect each and everyone of us.

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Rev. Yvette Davis, TND, MH, RM/T Naturopath, Herbalist, RM/T, Primal certified Health Coach, ordained minister, Writer & Speaker. I have SPMS. 11 years ago I struggled to walk across my own living room. I could not drive. There were days I struggled to hold a fork or dress myself. Modern medicine informed me there was nothing I could do. Doctors told me to start shopping for a nursing home. I fought back. I learned how to do what "they" told me could not be done-- I recovered. I stopped the disease progression, reversed symptoms and now live a full and active life. I hike, I run, I'm learning to paddle board this summer. I run my own small business, and I homeschool my kids. I got my life back. It's now my personal mission to help people suffering from chronic illness to learn how to recover. It can be done. I've been there. I can lead you toward better health. www.msquill.com Gab: @msquill

May 2021
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