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We are a Group of traders who are eager to Master the Art of Chart Reading using the Elliott Wave Theory. Come and join us on our journey to Financial Freedom. https://t.me/eliteelliott You can support this channel here: BTC 12Vc6sQM2SS3ZgA1TeLP6ToMoQDVGgj1SJ ETH 0x4F918756926F2f401e4dcfC641B12Af7E3E5147E

Jaide Barclay
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Co-Host of Cryptalk - https://youtu.be/uS1v53GCGvc

Read less ... Think more ... Talk less ... Say morre ... Demand less ... Be more ... #cnnbs #crypto #code #combat #creative #chillout #cypher #cool #crazy

Bitcoin and crypto news and trading. I'm not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. Some politics, even though I'm trying to stay away from that shit, it's toxic. 99% of all politicians are corrupt AF! JFK tried to do the right thing ... Bernie tried to fix the dems ... It's all fucked up.

TRUST IN GOD Entrepreneur - traveler US bitcoin account manager In bitcoin and Forex trading Binary investor

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Jun 2019
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