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Outcast, Heathenist, Free Radical, Minarchist Anti-Sociable Freeholderist, Instigator, Investigator, Insomniac, Slack Master, Preach Wizard, Burly Back, Laird of Nought I Survey, "I'm an inter-dimensional meditation destination resort, inhabited by immortal engineers, timeless philosophers and manifestations of godheads, intent and attuned to my well being and evolution... thanks eh!... 'far I
location_onBritish Columbia, Canada
Individual human being, classical liberal pragmatist, chainsaw poet, pseudo musician, high speed dickhead. Never liked eggs.
Working stiff making cartoons on the side a poet and a M.G.T.O.W all of my videos are on Vidme @JeffStrike if you want to see them all in one place. Pinterest link also I use a fake name but that is par for the course.
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Just an athiest on youtube with some 'pinions. I also may cause cancer. #blockthebot
Philisophe unordinaire. Student of the world's histories and of life's mysteries. Servant of Freya. De-programmed consumer and Pennsylvania nationalist. Now on Twitter @aelfredrex48
British Columbia, Canada
Sep 2016
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