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Why Electric Pocket Bikes Aren’t Meant for the Streets

JenniferMartinezFeb 26, 2020, 2:56:11 PM

Electric pocket bikes may look and function just like their full-sized cousins but there are differences when it comes to street legality and where you can ride them. If your goal is to ride something electric on the street, check https://10ebikes.com/best-electric-bike-under-500/, otherwise, keep reading the post!

Too small

The biggest problem that makes them dangerous to ride on the streets is that they are too small to be easily noticed by drivers in cars. At close distances, SUVs and trucks that are high off the ground will have trouble seeing someone riding an electric pocket bike. They can easily disappear in blind spots of fellow motorists making riding one a dangerous and potentially deadly activity.

Because they are too small for road use, they are illegal to ride on the roads in many areas. They also shouldn't be ridden on sidewalks and paths.

They aren't street legal

Aside from being too small for road use, pocket bikes don't meet U.S. DOT standards which rule whether or not a motor vehicle is legal for road use. Motor vehicles that do pass DOT standards will have a VIN, a title of ownership issued by DMV, as well as license plates. Since pocket bikes don't come with this, they are meant for off-road use.

Where can I ride my electric pocket bike?

If you can't ride it on paths, sidewalks, roads, where then can you ride? For starters, you can ride on your property and any other private property that you have permission to ride on. If you don't have a large enough riding area to ride in you can ask a friend or someone you know of who owns a large flat paved surface if you can ride on it.

There are forums for pocket bike owners where you may be able to find other riders in your area and ask them where they ride. Some locations even have riding clubs that get together and race. However, keep in mind that many of the electric pocket bikes available today don't go nearly as fast as gas ones.

Stay safe and stay off the streets

These bikes are a ton of fun to ride, but they just aren't safe enough to be on the roads. So have fun, ride safe, and keep off the streets.