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Top Passive Income Generators; Affiliate Marketing

JBenningfieldOct 26, 2019, 12:11:02 AM

As the internet continues to revolutionize varying industries, the marketing sector has seen tremendous advancements. Affiliate marketing, for instance, was once reserved for the big-wigs who could afford to share their revenues with influential personalities. Today, the story has been rewritten, and SMEs have joined the bandwagon. Affiliate programs are rolling all over, and with a bright eye, even the most inexperienced marketers can make the most out of their digital marketing efforts.

As I was brainstorming passive income generation means, I came across a post showcasing affiliate marketing benefits. While I was skeptical at first, the idea has been running through my mind, especially with varying blogs I have read before. Navigating through the giant that is affiliate marketing, however, can be quite intimidating, especially for novice users.

Do I need a website or an influential blog? Can I actually do this, or will it blowback and frustrate my dreams? As I went through the “benefits of affiliate marketing” article on Anivda.com, it inspired me to give it a go finally. I was convinced and could even picture the possible financial benefits I could reap.

Well, it is not an easy quest, and if you have ever felt this overwhelmed, you are not alone. The good news is, as I continued affiliate marketing research, I found out that I don't need to be an established marketer or own cutting-edge website/blog. I can still do affiliate marketing through varying platforms. Here is how affiliate marketing without a blog/website works.

Social media affiliate marketing

Having an influential social media presence can be quite fulfilling, and this can play out quite well in generating passive income. Posting affiliate links on social media platforms is easy, but for the effort to get more leads, creativity counts. Engaging posts with enough information on the brand is a magnet, and the best part is that I can promote as many affiliate programs as I can find. The readers can easily connect with my posts and see why and how the brand I'm promoting can solve their concerns as well. Leveraging social media followership could work even better than a website/blog, provided the affiliate program offers for social media promotion.

Video marketing

YouTube doesn't require a website to run, yet it is an excellent affiliate marketing platform. Video marketing is a trend that has proved its worth, with more people turning to videos. Millions of blogs are uploaded daily, bombarding the users, and video marketing is turning out to be the much-needed alternative to counter the somewhat out of favor reading. Embedding links in videos or simply showing it to complement the video's information is relatively effective. For instance, if I am promoting makeup products, a tutorial on how to apply makeup with links to my favorite products is a sure way to generate more leads for the affiliate program.

Join the discussion

I am passionate about healthy lifestyles; now and then, I contribute my views on varying platforms. Apparently, this is an ideal platform to carry on affiliate marketing. As I share my thoughts and advice, I can easily blend in a link whose brand is lifestyle-related. There are numerous forums online that boast of a significant following, and that traffic is an extensive pool that can generate more leads to my affiliate marketing efforts.

What's needed is picking a forum, stick to the niche, and provide useful information to guide the traffic towards the brand. Posting on numerous forums without understanding the user's interests is spamming, a counterproductive measure that can be frustrating as I've learned.

Email marketing

I don't need a website/blog to run an effective email marketing campaign. What's more, my affiliate marketing efforts don't have to start at the top, and with a few addresses I have (family, friends, colleagues, and other contacts), I can launch and build on the program in time.

PPC affiliate marketing

While I have found that pay per click advertising is quite useful, its income might not be that appealing without a website. However, since we are taking passive income, it is worth trying if as I learn the ropes.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent passive income generator. However, it is not without challenges, but the good news is that having a website or a blog is not a must. The most crucial part is to understand the affiliate program fine print and follow the rules to the letter.