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I am a an unapologetic Conservative Patriot who will not sit back, sit down, shut up or be silent while I watch my America be destroyed by totalitarian forces within her. I made a pledge to defend this nation from all enemies foreign and domestic and our fight is now domestic. I'm Editor for https://NewsHawkNetwork.com I post many articles and videos here at Minds under my NewshawkNetwork group which y'all are welcome to post and comment. Please share, comment and donate to help support the new media. The legacy media lost their way long ago and compromised journalism for propaganda. https://NewsHawknetwork.com seeks to restore truth to news reporting. Follow me on Gab: https://gab.com/NHN

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Conspiracy researcher & free thinker.

i鈥檓 here for crypto news , opinions , predictions , memes, etc...

Believer in God and man. Distrusting of governments, banks and corporations. Love the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence! Student @LibertyU Pre-Law

Berlin, Berlin, Germany
May 2021
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