American-Loving Patriot. Financial Advisor from the Mitten State! Making financial awareness prevalent!
well, shit the bed folks, c'mon in! 🤡👽🤖👻😈👹🎃🙀💀🦹🧞🦇 here to post stuff and steal your memes. 🙏
I am a Christian, aspiring author, practicing dad of three. I have the best wife in the world. I enjoy posting my own pictures of Utah landscape
I wear Pajamas every day......while Masterbaiting with stolen memes
I'm a simple man. Honesty, Integrity, and having an open mind are the things I care about. I enjoy science, reading, video and board games, TV and movies, music, Linux, Magic the Gathering and discussing Theology.
Am a high school student
MamaBear to 8 boys plus a few stray boys and BigMama to 15 grandchildren.
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Jun 2019
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