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How to use classified ads to build your business

JacarsMar 11, 2019, 4:31:03 PM

The three primary types of ads placed in local media are product, classified, and governmental ads. When talking about classified ads, they can serve an effective means of communicating a message to the customer via online or paper publications.

What is more, classified ads can be a significant source of customers for many small and medium businesses. Services can be classified by the target audience (for people or goods), intangibility (directed at people’s mind or intangible assets). Based on this classification, there can be distinguished three main types of classified advertisements. They are the following:

- regular classified ads. These are text ads that don’t include any graphics and are typeset by the publishers of the offline or online publication. Regular classified ads are charged per letters, lines or columns.

- classified display ads. They usually include an image which is why such ads are more expensive than the regular classified ads. Classified display ads are charged on per column centimeter.

- display classified ads. This is the most expensive type of classified ads which is caused by its size which is three centimeters. It can go in larger sizes and be in color.

When going through the classified sections, you will see ads of various sizes and types. Regular ads are text messages, classified display ads include images or logos and so on. You can check examples at Jacars ads website.

Tips to writing a classified ad for your business

If you are seeking local customers, you might need to know some tips on how to write a classified ad to breathe life into your business. Even an inexpensive five-line advertisement placed in a publication can increase the number of potential customers. Find out how to use the following tips when advertising your business in online and paper publications.

Know your competition

Before you compose an ad, take a look at the ads of the competing businesses placed in the publications. To promote your brand, you don’t need to copy but analyze the competitors’ way of thinking.

Create a magnetic headline

A good headline sometimes plays a crucial role in drawing customers’ attention. To make it more catchy, you can include such words as free, simple, easy and so on. A title can be written in the form of a question which is one of the most common ways to make the customers see the title.

Make it short and clear

As a rule, readers spend a few seconds reading one ad. Most of us have no time to read all those ads placed in print, in online yellow pages. The truth is you don’t have to make every single customer buy your product or service but to motivate people to visit your website which can be more effective in a long run.

Your ad should match the category

When placing an as in the wrong category, you lose your customers before you get a chance to win them. Many classified advertisers neglect to learn what is the best category for their ad. Alternatively, you can put an ad in multiple categories to raise the chances of getting noticed by more potential clients.

Place an ad in several publications

Given the fact that a particular newspaper or magazine is not read by every single customer, business owners lose potential customers if they rely on one publication. Especially, if it is a paper one. Be sure to place your classified advertisement in a few newspapers or magazines to let the individuals discover your ad easily.

At last...

Hope you found these tips helpful in creating the best classified ads as an effective strategy to develop your business.