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Questions to Ask Your Potential House Painters

isatopresidentialpaintersAug 3, 2018, 12:46:11 AM

In your lifetime, you're going to invest in a lot of things but some of the most expensive investments involve the home. It's crucial to pick quality Textbook Painting contractors if ever you decide to repaint the house and here are some useful questions to ask when screening one painter from the next.

Are You Insured?

This is the first question that you should ask and if their answer is a solid 'no' then immediately remove that painter from your shortlist. In case of unwanted issues and accidents, insurances protect the owner of the house and the painter. It wouldn't hurt to ask for copies of the workers liability insurance and compensation. Contractor's licenses should be readily available for those that live in states that strictly require them.

How Long Have You Painted Houses?

As much as possible, aim for the house painters with considerable years of experience in the industry; experience is critical. When a business has been in their specific industry for a few years now it shows that they offer quality that customers can't help but go back to. It's recommended to opt for local painters since they tend to offer more incentives to ensure that homeowners are satisfied with the job.

Before Painting, What Prep Work is Involved?

Proper prep work allows the paint to last longer as well as look better. Make sure that the house painters you choose will wash, sand, caulk and scrape adequately. Spending a bit more on the prep services is worth it; cheaper house painters tend to skip this process altogether. If you want to save up on money on the paint job, treat the prep work as a DIY project.

When Can the Job Start and for How Long?

The answer that they'll give will likely affect your decision; if house painters say that they'll require several weeks before any work can begin, then you may want to remove them from the shortlist. Your patience alongside the project's urgency will determine whether you're willing to wait. Sometimes, a longer waiting time may be beneficial, especially if they're actually going to do a better job.

Who Will Work on the House?

Keep in mind that they person that you'll talk to regarding the price quotations will not be the same person that paints the house; this is especially true for bigger contractors. Inquire about the crew leader and other people who'll actually work on your house. Don't hesitate to ask the kind of training that they had under the company for new hires.  

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