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Implement a Secure Network Security Design with Intellect IT

intellectitDec 2, 2019, 9:49:51 AM

For the same reason we lock our homes in the morning and lock our cars after parking, theft is unfortunately a part of life. Businesses are no exception as their important data such as customer details, HR information and employee information is a prime target for hackers and corporate theft. As smaller businesses with smaller budgets can struggle to implement a network security design, Intellect IT can provide a range of cost-effective solutions.

What exactly is a secure network design?

A secure network design will look different depending on the business and their network infrastructure. It is made up of a combination of software and hardware solutions designed to provide protection from various digital and external threats.

A secure network security design monitors and protects against threats such as:


This can be when devices, sensitive information or files are accessed out of  the ordinary or in a suspicious way or with malicious intent.

Phishing emails

* This is when emails are sent out posing as a company and request private and confidential information. Some phishing attacks are very convincing and can be difficult to recognise for less tech-savvy people.


* Malicious software such as worms, malware and viruses will spread throughout a network if undetected. They will replicate and infect devices, files, programs, operating systems and more.


* If a user is attacked with ransomware, their device or data is locked with an encryption. The hacker that made the ransomware will typically notify the user requesting payment in exchange for unlocking the encryption.

If a company’s IT network is not properly protected with an effective network security design, all it takes is one digital attack to bring their business to a standstill. Whether it’s stealing confidential data, defacing their website or destroying company data, a secure IT network is crucial for businesses.

Effective IT network security services

With over 14 years of experience, Intellect IT has been protecting SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) by creating and implementing network security designs that ensure businesses are fully protected against inside and outside digital threats. Their professional network security consultants will work with your business to provide tailored network security solutions including security management, firewall security, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), cloud-based storage, virus protection and more.

Their IT specialists will conduct a thorough risk assessment and vulnerability review of your IT network and current security procedures. They will identify any weaknesses in your network security, recommend and implement any required enhancements to ensure your business is completely protected and secure.

Their experienced team also provides a rapid incident service in the event you have suffered from a digital attack or security breach. They will evaluate all comprised systems, design a counteractive plan and implement required security measures to prevent any future digital attacks on the network.

Ensure your business’s IT infrastructure is fully protected and secure by reaching out to Intellect IT. For more information on their network security design and monitoring services, visit their website or call 1300 799 165 today.