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Factors that Influence Manufacturing

InfluencemanufacturingbizJan 19, 2019, 3:19:52 PM

Many are the times when people walk into shops to find a wide range of merchandise to buy. Owing to the fact that people's preferences are distinct, they end up spending most of the time choosing what they wish for. Some will not settle until they get what they want. But have you ever sat to wonder how the product you chose got into the shop? Before you get hold of most of the goods, they must have undergone the manufacturing process. This is a process of transforming raw materials into final goods.

Specific factors have to be considered to make the manufacturing process successful. Other than highlighting the factors, this article will dwell deeply into how the factors contribute to the manufacturing process. Raw materials is the first factor. Raw materials must be made available for end product to be made. Take for example, if an industry is specializing in the production of leather shoes, the raw material that is needed is leather. You can get raw materials from different places. One of the factors considered when constructing industries is the source of raw materials. This takes care of a continuous supply of raw materials into the industries. Learn more about manufacturing or find the best traffic products.

The second factor is the industry. An industry houses machine and equipment that are used to manufacture the raw materials. To favor the production of certain goods, various industries have been set in different places. An example would be, a salt industry is likely to be located in hot areas. This maximizes on the use of the sun that must be used in the production process. Industries are also important since they protect the raw materials, laborers and goods produced. Industries are also supposed to be situated far away from people.

The third factor is labor. The term labor should automatically tell you to think of a workforce. The person that came up with the final product you are seeing is the laborer. To ensure the process is quick, human labor has to play a part. The responsibility of the workforce is to manage the activities of an industry so that raw materials are changed into end products by the time they are dispatched from the factory. Aside from being hardworking, the workforce has to be aggressive. The work that is found in an industry is too much for lazy people.

The last factor is transport. Transport is crucial to moving raw materials to the industries. Transport is also needed when dispatching final goods to the market. This means that an area where manufacturing is taking place has to have good roads. Roads in perfect condition ensure that raw materials reach the industry on time. Goods reaching the market are not delayed on the way. Goods manufactured are sold to retailers. After that, the goods are sold to wholesalers who then distribute to consumers.