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India Poker NewsOct 10, 2019, 12:29:12 PM

Driven mostly by numerical and analytical capabilities of players, the highly skill-based game of online poker has seen an overwhelming spurt in numbers over the recent years. More and more players are playing poker with the excitement and hope to flaunt their skills amongst the big guns too!

Poker India Online is currently undergoing a massive upward shift currently with one major consequence. It is about the increasing number of happy card players that have made the race to the top well worth some hard work. This is also why you need a news portal that offers you a smart way to be best at the game.

It becomes essential for the aspiring community to find a reliable portal that can educate them about the game and offer regular updates on what’s hot and trending in the poker community. Such a portal should offer online poker current news but should also supplement it with all the expert advice, tips, tricks, insights and interviews to put forward a comprehensive picture.

India Poker News: The portal to know more about Poker India Online

One such portal that acts as a one stop destination for all updates on poker India, online and live both, is India Poker News (IPN). It offers a complete view of the game as seen from and by the experts on a daily basis.

IPN is a leading online portal that features current online poker news and stories from India and around the world. It is run and maintained by some of the best players in the Indian poker circuit and it is a smart option for all aspiring poker players to know this game even better!

This news portal offers a seamless menu of coverage through its following segments:


• Tips & Strategies

• Interviews

• Events

• Lifestyle

• Tech & AI

• Sports

• Weekly Wrap-Up

• Poker Calendar ‘19

All these sections offer a new perspective of the game. For example,

• The News (or Online Poker Current News) section offers all the latest news and happenings in the world of poker, from around the globe.

• The “Tips & Strategy” offers various tested strategies, approaches and effective tips from some of the best players in the Indian poker circuit.

• The “Interviews” section comes to help players analyze the way winners play and to use that knowledge to change their own game.

• The “Events” section offers updates on all the upcoming attractions and mega-happenings from around the world that may closely affect your game.

Poker in India

Poker in India is on a high roll. Thousands of players are joining in to elevate their mathematical and analytical skills and to make some better use of their gaming skills on the internet or in a live circuit. That’s why it makes perfect sense to keep playing on a regular basis.

The more you play amongst different kind of players, the easier it gets to recognize certain patterns and common strategies picked by certain kind of players. It would also give you enough confidence to crack a game in times to come and would also help you translate your hard work into some BIG rewards over time!