Hey, I'm Juliana! I make digital art by combining vector and raster painting. I enjoy creating exotic new worlds, putting human as a creator of realities, aware of his power and in close contact with nature. 🌴 Based in nowhere. Currently in Miami Beach. 🌷I speak English and Spanish. ✨ Freedom, Love and Abundance. WE ARE ONE. MORE ABOUT ME: I'm a creative mind, an unlabeled soul, a consciousness in a flesh suit, a glitch in the Matrix, a freedom seeker traveling the world with my graphic tablet. I am enjoying this life in this holographic universe being my best self and doing what I love: creating. My major goal is help to create a better world with my thoughts and actions. A free new world full of love, empathy, abundance in every way and humans aware of their power is possible!!. I have my mind on that every day.
location_onMiami Beach, Florida, United States
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