Robert Bell


Mexican interested in Tesla and DIY projects.

I review budget gadgets and let you know if they are worth getting. I am on YouTube and I am on BitChute Please subscribe to both of my channels.

One of a curious bent and an active imagination. Some groups I like: Antiwar Austin Best Abandoned Minds Channels Books Chess Egyptology End The War On Drugs Fractal Art Francophone Funny Porn Hackerspace Italia Libre Everything Light Pollution Manga and Comics M. C. Escher Modern Atheism New York City Nudism & Nude Art Open Source Ecology Open-Source Philosophy Outdoors Permaculture פינה עברית Renewable Energy Salvador Dalí Science Solar Technology - Science & Tools Street Art The Bookcase The 'What If' Writing Area United Poetry Weather Writing Corner If you have similar interests, say hi!

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Apr 2017
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